Lovelace Street

Welcome to New Generation Day Nursery located in Hackney East London. We're open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm.

We are a multiracial and multicultural nursery that has been established since 2003, and serve the local community with full day care for children from 3 months to 5 years of age all year round.

The Baby Room

The baby room is brightly decorated with colourful pictures on the wall and handmade mobiles hanging from the ceiling. Colourful cushions and pillows are arranged around the room to give the room a homely feel.

Each baby has their own cot and clean bedding. There is a baby changing unit with individual trays which has the baby’s nappies and any creams stored underneath and we have a separate milk kitchen to prepare their milk bottles.

We follow the EYFS to support the growth and development of each child, and have a designated Senco officer as well as staff being trained in first aid and health and safety.

We operate a ‘key-person’ system where each child is allocated to a particular member of staff, who will take a keen interest in your child and is responsible for noting observations about your child’s development and progress whilst at the nursery.

"Children feel secure in the nursery and enjoy close bonds with staff". Ofsted Report 2014

This staff member will work in partnership with you the parent to ensure that your child receives the best support and care during their time at the nursery.

2-5's Main Room

Our 2-5's room has different areas for the children to explore, learn and play in a safe stimulating environment. 

We ensure that the activities we provide cover the seven areas of The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and we use observation to inform our planning to ensure individual children’s needs are met.

The Early Years Foundation Stage;

Prime Areas
•    Physical development
•    Communication and language
•    Personal, social and emotional development

Specific Areas
•    Literacy
•    understanding the world
•    Mathematics
•    Expressive arts and design

"Children enjoy their learning at this nursery. Staff provide a varied range of activities for children to choose from". Ofsted Report 2014

Sensory Room

Our sensory room is a fantastic feature, which provides an environment for all children to explore through special sounds, visual effects and tactile experiences, as well as supporting those children with additional needs

Two Year Progress Checks
We complete progress checks on 2yr olds to review the child’s development in the Prime Areas of the EYFS. This helps parents to understand their child’s needs and ways to support them.

At 27 months a joint Health review is carried out with a Health Visitor, parent, key person and manager. At this meeting, strategies to support child’s learning development and any additional needs are agreed. (Contact the nursery for more information)

By close observation and monitoring of children staff at New Generation can help to identify any special needs a child may have, so these can be addressed and discussed with parents.

Children with Special Needs follow the same routine as the other children but with all the additional assistance that they may need to learn at their own rate.

Outdoor Area

We have a secure outdoor play area that we have designed full of resources for the children to enjoy. There are sand and water pits, cars and bikes, a wendy house and seating areas to explore.

We organise outings to local attractions, which help us to reinforce current planning activities the children are covering.

We like to take the children on a variety of outings. Throughout the year they will visit places like the farm, the zoo, local parks, fire station and regular visits to the local library.

During the summer we go on our annual summer outing to places such as Thorpe Park, Chessington Adventure, Lego Land and the seaside. Parents and carers are actively encouraged to come on outings with us to accompany their child and help the staff.